Walletreum's "ALGON" is not an ordinary bot which only executes buy and sell order according to the set pattern of technical indicators but ALGON is an AI written in over 50,000 line of code that learns with the time(Deep Learning) and is scalable. ALGON will play the role of fund manager for both lenders and borrowers and secure the crypto assets of both from price depreciation in bear markets.

ALGON automates rebalancing when crypto is bullish or bearish. It calculates how to do all the conversions based on current market stats, historical data, take any short positions required, and keep learning over time and become more efficient automatically. Walletreum team has been optimizing and using ALGON since 2019 and has a track record of 4% to 6 % per month return even in a bear market. Algon has 3 modules specifically that evaluate the possible outcomes and minimize the losses as much as possible. The three main modules of Algon are:


  • AI-based flow trading with lower volume.
  • Increase stability at lower volume with available low liquidity.
  • Support stable coin and other cryptocurrencies automatically without the effort of technical knowledge on the user end.
  • Provide detailed information on locked currencies and available liquidity to both sides of order books using API of different exchanges.
  • Increase yields in a bull market and increase risk adjustment in the bear market.


  • AI-based aggressive trading with average volume.
  • Increase risk-adjusted portfolio yields based on deep blockchain analysis and high-frequency leverage trading.
  • Advance multidimensional strategies with automatic risk management to maximize returns.
  • Cross-chain and Cross-exchange trading to increase gains.
  • Increase yields in a bull market and arbitrage strategies in the bear market against stable coins.


  • AI-based strategic trading with high-frequency volume based on:
    • Technical analysis
    • Blockchain analysis
    • Multi-exchange book analysis
    • Coin arbitrage
    • Statistical anomaly analysis
    • Supply and demand analysis
    • Cash Flow in and out analysis
  • Boost return upon the bullish market. Trades in cryptocurrencies gaining against BTC and high leverage trading in BTC against Stable coins to multiply gains.
  • Capital preservation in bear market. Exit all the crypto positions into Stable coins, Altcoin-to-USDT trade to gain USDT while if BTC drops then buy BTC with the gained USDT at the bottom price. Opens leverage longs and shorts trades into stable coins dynamically and takes short profit to gains USDT and boost arbitrage opportunities pegged with USDT (Arbitrage coins and convert to USDT).
  • All orders (Buy/Sell) laddered and split into many small orders calculated and managed by AI to control risk.