Walletreum has changed the whole traditional concept of lending and borrowing after researching and testing many scenarios, most notably, the bear market. Walletreum has connected the lenders and borrowers with ALGON to maximize the benefit in any scenario of the market in an automated way. ALGON will play the role of fund manager for both lenders and borrowers and secure the crypto assets of both from price depreciation in the bear market.

Walletreum's "ALGON" is not an ordinary bot which only executes buy and sell order according to the set pattern of technical indicators but ALGON is an AI written in over 50,000 line of code that learns with the time (Deep Learning) and is scalable in trading volume and measures performance ( balance over time, percent winning trade, Sharpe, total gained before vs after fees, risk-adjusted gains, etc.)



Simply deposit and lend any of the listed coins in the Walletreum wallet. Walletreum offers the highest APY compared to the rest market, with up to 100% on various cryptocurrencies. But wait, there's more; you can earn upto 130% APY on lending WALT tokens. This depends on the market sentiment and trends. With a large sell volume in the market, APY will be different than a market with higher buying volume (bear/bull).

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Safe Credit

You can receive upto 97% loan on any asset you deposit under Walletreum flexible Safe Credit category. Our rates are lowest as compared to market ranging from 3.44% to 4.3% per month and your assets will be returned with zero cutting when you return your acquired loan.

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    • Total Profit: 7%

    • Locking Period: 30 Days

    • Min Amount: 0.01 BTC

    • Max Amount: 1 BTC

0.01500000 BTC
Daily Profit
0.15000000 BTC
Weekly Profit
0.35500000 BTC
Monthly Profit
2.05054789 BTC
Yearly Profit


Safe Credit

    • APR: 7%

    • Repayments: $1050

10 USD
70 USD
340 USD
1000 USD

Our Abilities

Why Choose Walletreum?

  • Walt ALGON

  • Lending High APY

  • Borrowing Low APR

  • DeFi Staking

  • Walt ZeroSwap

  • Walt Farming

  • Liquidity Aggregator Hybrid Exchange

  • WALT Debit Card


Token Economics

Ticker: WALT

Token Type: ERC20

Total supply: 50,000,000 (max supply)

Initial circulating supply: 32%(16 million WALT + Initial liquidity)

Token Distribution

  • Strategic sale allocation 4%: 2 million (Locked with a vesting period of 13 months, 10% Initial release after 3 months, then 10% release every month.)
  • Pre-sale allocation 12%: 6 million
  • Public sale 16%: 8 million
  • Company reserves 18%: 9 million (locked with a vesting period of 120 months(10years), release 5% after every six months)
  • Team 9%: 4.5 million (locked with a vesting period of 60 months (5 years), release 10% every six months)
  • Marketing 7%: 3.5 million (Initial unlock 10% (350k), remaining locked with a vesting period of 54 months (4.5 years), 10% release after every six months)
  • Advisors 4%: 2 million (locked with a vesting period of 48 months (4 years), release 6.25% every three months)
  • Staking, listing allocation and liquidity Pool 30%: 15 million
    • Staking Reward 10%: 5 million
      • 45% annual for first year
      • 35% in 2nd year
      • 25% for next years
    • WALT Farming 10%: 5 million (4500 WALT per day will distributed)
    • Initial Liquidity 10%: 5 million

Note: When staking and Walt farming supply will end Walletreum will share the reward (for token holders) (tiered).


Token Utility

Hold 1000 + WALT tokens in your Walletreum wallet to avail the following benefits:

  • 1 Zero withdrawal fees.
  • 2 Zero fees to exit your lending position before lock period ends.
  • 3 20% Discount on APR for borrowers.
  • 4 ALGON X3 package only available to WALT holders.
  • 5 ZeroSwap feature is available only to WALT holders.
  • 6 WALT farming is only available to WALT holders.



Quarter 3
  • Research & Product Conceptualization
Quarter 4
  • Acquisition of Team and Resources
  • Whitepaper version 1.0 released
Quarter 1
  • Seed Funding raised from private investors
  • Full scale Development Started
Quarter 2
  • ALGON development & Testing completed
Quarter 3
  • Lending Platform developed
Quarter 4
  • Integration of ALGON in lending platform
Quarter 1
  • ZeroSwap development completed
  • 6 token assets integration
Quarter 2
  • Final testing completed
Quarter 3
  • Token Sale & TGE
  • Initial product launch
  • Listing of WALT on Exchanges
Quarter 4
  • Token Utility Integration
  • WALT farming development and Integration
  • New token assets integration
Quarter 1
  • Staking
  • FIAT integration & WALT debit card
Quarter 2
  • Android/IOS Apps
Quarter 3
  • Development of Liquidity Aggregator Hybrid Exchange
Quarter 4
  • Integration of ALGON in exchange



Ting Xu



Lin Lijuan



Cecilia Yin



Henderson T.